Story of Kimchi



Symbol of the Korean Food

Kimchi is the staple food in Korean food culture. Although South Korea is small geographically, its list of different type of Kimchi is enormous; each region and every family in South Korea have a unique Kimchi recipe. As a result, a single word “Kimchi” have a limitless variety of the ingredients, the style, and the taste. Bibille offers a type of authentic Kimchi that is truly home-style without altered recipe for the restaurant.







Focused on heath and freshness

Bibille offers Kimchi that is Chef Joanne Moon’s own unique recipe that she has perfected over the past 30 years of experiments using a plethora of unorthodox ingredients. Chef Moon personally chooses all the necessary ingredients from the fresh young Napa cabbage to the specific type of sea salt from South Korea. Her recipe requires absolute preciseness of the amount of the seasoning ingredients, the timing, and the temperature as they play a substantial role in the final fermentation process. Chef Moon serves fermented Kimchi at Bibille even though her Kimchi can be consumed with or without fermentation.




Natural home-made medicine

-Kimchi is widely known all over the world as an iconic Korean side dish. As more consumed around the world, the more research has been performed on the health benefits of Kimchi. The studies have proven that there are a handful of scientific health benefits of consuming Kimchi. Some of the most notable benefits are:


1.  Kimchi promotes healthy digestion. The fermentation process creates a heathy bacteria called Lactobacillus which keeps a healthy state of intestinal flora. Also, the fiber content in the cabbage promotes a healthy digestion. In addition, healthy digestion can aid in anti-obesity as obesity in children and adults is a growing issue.


2.  Kimchi lowers cholesterol levels. Most Kimchi recipe contains garlic which is rich in selenium and allicin which is the key component in lowering the cholesterol levels. As a result, a regular consumption of Kimchi has been proven to reduce cholesterol level hence reducing the risk of cardiac disorders.


3. Kimchi reduces the risk of cancer. A study has shown that the kimchi contains anti-cancer properties. Cruciferous vegetables such as cabbage contain glucosinolates which break downs to form isothiocyanates which have proven its effectiveness against the cancer growth.

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