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 Wwe had no idea that we would be recognized as a top rated fusion Korean restaurant. We have more than thousands of  super fan customers, and have gained 5 stars review in Yelp, Google and other social medias within just a year.  In the beginning with our 700sq foot, small-sized space — our hopes and dreams for the future of the Bibille were not  building a large business but rather sharing healthy and delicious fusion Korean food in the heart of the cool Tarrytown in upstate New York.


 Giguan Moon / Joanne Moon/

Junho Kim /Joohyun Kang


Joanne Moon's philosophy and recipe are focused on the relationships through sharing freshly made food whether it's with family, friends or neighbors.

Her love of cooking began as a house wife for her loving husband and two sons. Over the time, Joanne has developed her own modern approach to authentic Korean dishes and ultimately sparkled the idea of Bibille.

Junho Kim is a veteran in restaurant business, running  three restaurants in North Bergen New Jersey.  His know-how knowledge about managing restaurants is significantly focused efficient day to day operation.


Giguan Moon  has run luxury catering business for ten years and truly understands restaurant principles to offer the best services to meet customer's satisfaction.


Joohyun Kang is a visual artist who breathed in the visual presence of Bibille. She is involved with every aspects of visual presentation of restaurant including its logo, menu, interior design and brand image.

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Business Hours

Mon - Sat  11:00 A.M. - 9:00 PM

Sunday closed


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